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Manufacturing of a Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing for the Automotive Industry

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Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing
Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing
Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing for the Automotive Industry
Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing for the Automotive Industry

Thermoplastic hydraulic clutch actuation tubing has been used to actuate clutch mechanisms for several decades. Using hydraulic fluids to engage the gearing in a manual transmission is a proven technology, just as the exclusive use of hydraulics in automotive braking systems.


Akron Polymer Products is a leader in providing thermoplastic hydraulic actuation tubing. We offer our customers design, development and manufacturing of small diameter, thick walled thermoplastic tubing that performs in under hood engine environments at pressures required for proper clutch actuation throughout the vehicle's life.

Akron Polymer Products can extrude and form complex three dimensional shapes, and also assemble and test hydraulic actuation tubing out of many types of high performance polyamide (nylon) compounds. Akron Polymer Products is also capable of over molding the end adaptors and sleeving parts for abrasion or additional thermal protection.


Provide our customers with high performing, world class products. To learn more about this project, or about Akron's other capabilities, contact Akron Polymer directly.

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Highlights of this Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing

Product Description Hydraulic Actuation Tubing for the Automotive and other Transportation Industries
Thermoplastic Extrusion
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Thermoplastic Extrusion
  • Complex 3D tube forming
  • Connector insertion
  • Connector over molding
  • Assembly
  • Sleeving
  • Testing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Extruders, Plastic Injection Molders
Overall Part Dimensions Short to long complex tube routings
Material Used Polyamides (nylons) 12, 11, 612 and custom compounds made from Polyamide type materials
Technical Specifications Automotive and vehicle under hood, requirements.
In process inspection performed Flow, pressure, component verification and customer required
Turn Around Time 10 Weeks from Development to Build
Industry for Use Automotive, Industrial, medium to heavy vehicle and engine
Delivery Location Global
Standards Met Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tubing
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