Manufacturing of a Transfer Case Oil Pump Tube Assembly for the Automotive Industry

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A major supplier to the automotive industry needed to resolve a production line ergonomics issue. The issue was related to the assembly of a rigid pump tube into a four wheel drive transfer case. Their current design required the assembly of five individual components composed of a molded plastic filter, steel tubes, and rubber hoses.


Akron Polymer Products designed, developed, and manufactured a one piece all plastic tube assembly that eliminated all of their ergonomic issues plus was able to withstand the harsh environment of automatic transmission fluid operating at 125°C with peak temperatures approaching 150°C. Akron Polymer’s product development included full flow testing separation, and fluid immersion testing. Akron provided all of the tooling and fixtures, as well as orientation, fit, and 100% inspection during production. The finished product was composed of Nylon 612, measuring 300mm in length, by 100mm in width; the entire project was completed in 14 weeks.


Not only did this resolve the ergonomics issue, the customer was also able to realize a cost savings of over $1 million per year.

To learn more about this project, or about Akron’s other capabilities, contact Akron Polymer directly.

Highlights of this Transfer Case Oil Pump Tube Assembly

Product DescriptionOil Pick-up Tube Assembly for the Automotive Industry
Custom Molding Capabilities Applied/ProcessesTesting & Development
  • Flow test
  • Separation test
  • Immersion Test
  • All Plastic Pump Tube Assembly
  • Injection Molded Screen Filter
  • Extruded and Formed Thermoplastic Tube
  • Over Molded Connector
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Extruders, Assembly Fixtures, Form Tooling and Molding Press
Overall Part Dimensions300mm length x 100mm width
Material Used Nylon 612 (PA612)
Technical SpecificationsLocated in a Transfer Case and submerged in Automatic Transmission Fluid, the all plastic assembly must withstand temperatures of 150 C°
In process inspection performedOrientation and Fit 100% inspection
Turn Around Time14 Weeks from Development to Build
Industry for UseAutomotive
Delivery Location North America
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product Name Oil Pick-up Tube Assembly