Manufacturing of an OBVR Fuel Emission Tube Assembly for the Automotive Industry‚Äč

Prior Product:

Akron Polymer’s customer that is a major tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry used a bulky EP rubber hose assembly for an automotive emission vent application. The assembly required a formed EP rubber hose; injection molded & inserted hose connector and hose clamps to secure each extremity.

Akron Polymer’s Solution:

Using the customer supplied specifications the tube assembly was redesigned by the Akron engineering staff. The new, all Nylon (PA) 12 tube assembly featured an extruded thermoplastic tube that was formed into a complex 3D shape and an over-molded glass reinforced Nylon (PA) 612 connector at one end. Akron developed all of the form tooling, molds and fixtures in house.


The customer was able to drop in the Akron Polymer tube assembly onto their On Board Vapor Recovery System. The redesign resulted in significant costs savings for the customer as well as a 35% reduction in weight. Akron Polymer was able to completely redesign, develop, and manufacture this custom molded assembly in only 14 weeks.

To learn more about this project, see the table below or contact Akron directly.

Highlights of this OBVR Fuel Emission Tube Assembly

Product DescriptionOn Board Vapor Recovery Tube Assembly for the Automotive Industry
Custom Molding Capabilities Applied/ProcessesTesting & Development
  • CFD Flow testing
  • Separation test molded fitting to PA12 pipe
  • All Plastic Pump Tube Assembly
  • Extruded Thermoplastic Tube
  • Complex 3D Formed Thermoplastic Tube
  • Over Molded Connector
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartAssembly Fixtures, Form Tooling and Molding Press
Overall Part Dimensions 600mm Length x 150mm Width
Material UsedPA 12, PA 612 & Co-polyester
Material FinishBlack
Technical Specifications GM6264M, GM9080P
In process inspection performed 3D shape inspection
Turn Around Time 14 Weeks from Development to Build
Industry for UseAutomotive
Delivery Location North America
Standards MetAutomotive Specifications for fuel & vapor lines.
Product Name OBVR Vent Tube